The Crime and Violence Prevention, Research and Control Center

ASUMA (The Crime and Violence Prevention, Research and Control Center), is a center founded by Prof. Dr. Oğuz Polat. It is a Turkish private university research centre focused on prevention of violence for children woman and elderly. It has organised several symposiums regarding this topic.

ASUMA is one of three violence center in Turkey. Its vision is being the center that is the first to come to mind with the word “fighting with violence”. Its mission is taking an active role in fighting against violence, especially violence against women and children abuse, developing stuydies and projects to prevent violence, working beyond the theoretical dimension and working with practical benefit.

Studying fileds of ASUMA is:


  • Identification of violence and work towards all violence victim groups
  • Studies for the protection of victims from violence
  • Studies to prevent violence
  • Studying of aggressive profile in cases of violence


  • Work on victim rights in the event of crime
  • Work in prisons especially for children
  • Studies to prevent crime in schools
  • Support for individual disarmament studies

The Crime and Violence Prevention, Research and Control Center is an academic research center of Acıbadem University, dedicated to the development and facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration with international centers and national as well for researches and graduate education efforts that can ultimately affect the prevention, research and control of violence.

The purpose of the Violence Prevention and Control Centre is to generate knowledge through research in violence ın all aspects including prevention and control .

ASUMA continues to work effectively on the initiative with director of Prof Oğuz Polat. ASUMA, which is accredited by academicians who are experts and accustomed to the field, continues to work on a wide scale ranging from cooperating with NGOs to educating health professionals, from affecting government institutions to informing the public. Acıbadem University has a strong financial base to be found, while the university continues to work with understanding prioritization.
Activities of ASUMA is stated below:

  • 8 March Panel for World Women’s Day, 8.03.2016. A panel was organized with the participation of approximately 200 people due to women’s day, and medical, legal and psychological aspects of violence against women were examined.
  • Education of Medical and Legal Responsibilities in the Case of Violence of Health Workers 26.03.2016: Health workers should be aware of violence against women in order to understand the events in their work life and to be able to carry out the necessary procedures. So ASUMA has continued to work for the purpose of educating and informing employees who have mostly faced the violence cases firstly.
  • The Report on Child Abuse together with IMDAT was shared with the public and the press. 26.04.2016: ASUMA, who is also working in the field of child abuse, has prepared and published a report on the situation of a child abuse and the situation in Turkey with İMDAT due to the April 23 Children’s Day.
  • 76-page report prepared for Turksh Parliamentary Child Abuse Research Commission with IMDAT on May 2016. Due to a case in Turkey, Turkish Parliament decided to establish a comission for investigation child abuse. This comission decided to firstly heard Prof. Oğuz Polat (Director of Asuma) as an expert. ASUMA, together with IMDAT, produced a comprehensive 76 page report. The report deals with topics such as pedophilia, abuse in the institution, incest. Data, good practice examples, prevention recommendations are taken place at report. The final report prepared by the parliamentary committee has been refered tothis report a lot. The report has received considerable attention both in written and visual national press.
  • In the cooperation with İMDAT, the report titled “Report on the concept of consent for sexual abuse of the child and samples from the world” was prepared and shared with the public. (21.11.2016). Due to discussion on the age of consent aged living in Turkey, ASUMA and İDATAT prepared a report on the concept of consent. In report world practices and suggestions on what to do in Turkey have been presented.
  • 8 March World Women’s Day Symposium was held on 8.03.2017. The symposium for world women’s day was held with intense interest of about 250 people.
  • In the annual meetings held by the Acıbadem University Association of Medical Student Associations under the leadership of ASUMA director Prof. Oğuz Polat, booklet on violence against child abuse and women was prepared and distrubuted tı 600 students from diffferent medical of school in Turkey (April 2017).

ASUMA -Acibadem University Crime and Violence  Research   and Application Center

Proff .  Oğuz  POLAT   M.D. Dırector

ASUMA- Crime and Violence  Research   and Application Center

Acibadem University ISTANBUL/TURKEY

Acibadem University Crime and Violence  Research   and Application Center-ASUMA  is an academic research center dedicated to the development and facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration  with   international   centers    and  national   as  well  for   researches and graduate education efforts that can ultimately affect the prevention and control of violence.

The purpose of the  Crime and Violence  Research   and Application Center-ASUMA is to generate knowledge through research in violence  in all  aspects  including   prevention and control .

This  knowledge  wil be  disseminated    to use as the basis for development of prevention and control efforts, and to provide a comprehensive violence prevention and control graduate education curriculum.

The purpose of the   Crime and Violence  Research   and Application Center-ASUMA  is to research  especially  at  Project basis , teach  especially  at  graduate  level   and consult    especially  to  national  institutions  about primary prevention with  a multi-disciplinary perspective.

A.     Background

In the last decade, the fields of education, behavioral sciences and the medical sciences have steadily become interested in  the science of prevention. The goal of prevention is to prevent or mediate human dysfunctions or social problems.

Especially   early  intervention has became a very important step  recently. Early intervention now  is a critical point because of social problems and in the number of patients and casualties in our society  and modern society as  well.   Defence  functions  as   education for life skills  and  health education   has also become important, as these functions may prevent processes that lead to human dysfunctions. Due to the increased  need  of  care  in it is nearly impossible to give everyone the serious care that they need   violence  prevention centers may be an important solution.

The goal of primary prevention is to minimize pathological situations and factors among the healthy population. Today, researchers and policymakers  in the world accept primary prevention as being the least expensive and the most effective preventive process among all of the prevention levels (for example: prevention  of family violence , prevention of  violence to women, prevention of drugs abuse  etc.).

In recent years, in the United States , many efforts have been made to develop methods, plans and models for primary prevention, mainly with an educational and informational focus. Due to social and institutional demands to extend the field, there has also been an increase in the need for professionals who specialize in prevention. The same model  may be very efficient  in our country  as Unıted States .

Moreover, due to the multiplicity of prevention programs that are currently being implemented in different groups  in Türkey, there is a need for academic assessment of their level of effectiveness, based on clear, scientific standards. This area of research is still under-developed in Turkey and different community institutions (schools, community centers, etc.) run prevention programs without being accompanied by academic evaluation.

Also  new  programs  must  be produced    with  collaboration of  government structures  and NGO’s  . These  programs  must be implemented  to the  groups who   need  it.

B. The goals of the Center

During its first stage, the Center will focus on two main areas: the prevention of violence in schools, families and communities, family ,child ,cyber  abuse and the primary prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.

Later on, the Center may extend its activities to other areas as well, and develop an organizational structure which would integrate the work in different areas.

Based on these areas of interest, the goals of the Center are:

1.      To increase the understanding and awareness – both among members of the academic community and among professionals working in the psychological and health services of the educational system – concerning the contribution that the science of prevention makes to the welfare of the individual, the family and community. The necessity to increase this understanding, mainly due to the fact that most of these systems emphasize the treatment of pathological and dysfunctional phenomena, instead of its prevention.

2.      To train professionals, who have a background in education, counseling, psychology and health, to jointly work in the area of prevention on the academic level (design interventions, research and evaluation). The Center will be able to provide an answer (at least a partial one) about the needs of the  Turkish  educational and health systems concerning interventions and research in the specific areas of primary prevention of violence and drug abuse.

3.      To consciously and directly enhance cooperation between representatives from the different systems within the university and community services frameworks. This cooperation can contribute to mutual progress which will be expressed by higher levels of intervention and research.

C. Activities

1. Research: We intend to establish an independent research fund for the encouragement of multi-disciplinary research in the area of prevention. This fund would proceed the initiation and recruitment of money for members of the Center and students who are interested in conducting collaborative research in this area. Sources  as E:U  , UNICEF , UNFPA  and private foundatıons  as Guggenheim  and governmental  sources  as TUBİTAK and DPT  are  the  main target  places.

Possible research topics include the development and the understanding of concepts of primary prevention, evaluation of prevention programs that are implemented in the field and others.

2. Publishing: The center will publish annual reports regarding to  violence sepecially related to children , sexual abuses and women issues  and also  will publish  papaers including researches , field studies about the subject.

3. Teaching: A multi-disciplinary study program for specialization in the area of violence  and  prevention wıll be  establish with centers focused on violence studies as ASUMA . The program  will  consist  short term  certified courses  which is aimed at training specialists in the area of primary prevention, .This will include  also  classes and seminars in subjects such as primary prevention in the community (including fieldwork) project evaluation, theories and models for use in the area of violence and psychoactive drugs and a multi-cultural approach to prevention.

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