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David A.J. Richards received his B.A. from Harvard College (1966) and J.D. from Harvard Law School (1971), and his D.Phil. in moral philosophy from Oxford University (1971). His doctoral dissertation was published by Oxford University Press as A Theory of Reasons for Action in 1971.   


He is currently Edwin D. Webb Professor of Law at New York University, where he has taught Constitutional Law and Criminal Law for thirty-five years and co-taught a seminar Resisting Injustice with the developmental psychologist Carol Gilligan as well as a seminar Retributivism in Criminal Justice (Shakespeare) with the psychiatrist Jim Gilligan,  with whom he co-authored Holding a Mirror up to Nature:  Shame,  Guilt, and Violence in Shakespeare (2021).  


Richards has written over twenty books on human rights and the basic constitutional rights of American constitutionalism as well as studies of nonviolence (resisting patriarchal violence),  Verdi’s operas, and mutual love as the key to resisting injustice (some of these books are noted in the selective bibliography,  below),  including his prominent defense of gay rights and a feminism which joins men and women in resisting injustice (co-authoring two books on this subject with Carol Gilligan).   His work on gay rights was prominently cited by the Indian Supreme Court decision recently recognizing gay rights as human rights).  He lives in New York City with his partner of forty-five years,  the philosopher, Donald Levy. In his recent memoir, Boys' Secrets and Men's Loves: A Memoir, Richards writes poignantly of his personal experience of how patriarchy harms men as well as women, and how men, both straight and gay, come to resist, and how he resisted as a young man through philosophy, the arts, and the experience of mutual love.

Complete Bibliography below selected books:

Bibliography (selective),  David A.J. Richards

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